LED Spot Lights

LED Spot lights are perfect solution when replacing existing MR16 or GU10 Halogen light. While upgrading to LED MR16 / GU10 Lights to existing fitting it do not require to change existing transformer which brings ease in installation. These down lights are an incredible choice for any house hold or business as it exceeds over 100 lumens and offer profound energy saving on bills.

Create a clean, modern feel by adding LED MR16/GU10 spotlights to your home or business.

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Fixture Color




Color Temperature


Power Factor





105 lm/W to 106 lm/W

Beam Angle

60 °


VEU approved , ESS approved,  NATA approved

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Product Features

Instant On                    

The LED spot lights start instantly and once they start, they don’t flicker or produce a humming sound.


The swap over to Halogen MR16 to LED MR16 does not come with dimmable option but Halogen GU10 to LED GU10 upgrade do come with dimmable option. However choosing premium upgrade from and Halogen MR16 to LED GU10 can provide dimmable option.

GU10 / MR16 Base                    

These spot light comes with standard MR16 and GU10 base which is a perfect replacement for existing sockets.

High CRI

The CRI of LED lights is greater than 80. Color rendering index (CRI) refers to the ability to display correct colors. A high color rendering illumination can enhance the vibrancy and color of any scene. It has the potential to improve the appearance of your home.

Long Lifespan

LED light, which are available in varieties, shapes, and sizes, have a longer lifespan than typical lights. These bulbs have a >50,000-hour lifetime. There are no replacement costs for a long life because you will rarely need to replace such bulbs, which have very little lumen depreciation before they reach the end of their service lives.

No Dark Spot                    

As like other our LED products, These spotlights also comes with No dark spot and uses most u-to-date solid state lighting technology.  

UV & Mercury Free                    

As the world has become more environmentally aware, people have become more attentive to environmentally friendly products. Installing LED Light not only saves energy and money but also encourages a cleaner atmosphere because our LED Light bulbs are free of toxic chemicals like mercury, cadmium, and lead.


These LED s spot Light are shatterproof that can easily tolerate any kind of external damage and can guarantee maximum durability of the light.

Rebate/Incentive Approved                    

We have always been concerned about environment and energy consumption and all products we use are approved under VEU Incentive program of Victoria and ESS Incentive program of New South Wales.  

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