This LED light Bulb fixture is a simple, classy, and stylish design that will bring an indoor space’s style elements together. This LED Light Fixture is available on base: E27. This LED Light Bulb lighting fixture is a modern lighting fixture that is highly long-lasting and very lucrative.

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Base Type

Australian Standard  E27



Color Temperature


Fixture Color





162 lm/W

Beam Angle

110 °


VEU approved , ESS approved,  NATA approved

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Product Features

Instant on                    

LED Lights are instant on and do not take time to get switched on. These lights have higher efficiency and do not need any warming up time.  

Australian Standard Base                    

Our LED Light incomes with an Australian standard base which facilitate all standard size fittings. Our LED fixtures are the most frequently used bases usually known as the industry standard for all lighting fixtures.

High CRI                    

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. This LED light comes with >80 CRI means it has potential to improve the appearance of your home by revealing the true colors of objective by 80%.

UV and Mercury Free                    

LEDs are able to safely and reliably illuminate UV sensitive items like art that will break down and degrade over time if exposed to this type of emission. LEDs emit vast majority of their energy in visible spectrum and virtually none in the ultra violet portion of spectrum makes it UV free also LEDs do not include toxic chemicals, lead or mercury makes it environmentally product.

Flicker Free                    

Led Lights have excellent lifespan and ensure flicker-free operation until the end of lifespan. Our products are completely flicker-free output ensures that you can be confident knowing these bulbs will provide clean and pure high quality light on your set.

No Dark Spot                    

LEDs are solid state lights. This means that the traditional glass bulb surrounding the light is entirely unnecessary. These premium products when mounted in any location virtually remove all dark spots and ensure premise is lit up well all times.  

Energy Saving                    

LED lights use up to 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and this means LEDs produce savings in electricity costs and simply do well by the environment.

Rebate/Incentive Approved                    

We have always been concerned about the environment and energy consumption and all products we use are approved under VEU Incentive program of Victoria and ESS Incentive program of New South Wales.  

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