LED Light Battens

If you’re currently relying on outdated fluorescent lighting, upgrading to LED light battens will save you money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Due to their environmentally friendly design, LED light battens are ideal for large spaces that need reliable, efficient lighting systems. These long-lasting and versatile lighting solutions are perfect for large office spaces, warehouses and factories. They provide an even distribution of bright light while requiring fewer installations. Additionally, these lights are ideal in storage areas, long corridors and retail due to their broad coverage and space-saving design.

It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 2-5 years, so you can be sure that your investment is safe and secure.

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Beam Angle




Color Temperature

5000 Kelvin

Fixture Color




IP Rating





Ideally double fluorescent fitting

Power Factor


Approved / Certifications



130 lm/W

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Product Features

Easy Installation                    

This LED battens are built around a philosophy of delivering ease of installation and versatile design enable to mount it easily on ceiling.  

No Dark Spot                    

You can be rest assured that the flush mount fixtures with lumen output of up to 3100 lumens is sufficient enough to illuminate an application leaving no dark spots in any area.

CRI > 80                    

Colors pop, textures stand out, and its finishing has depth and luster when the CRI is high. Led Integrated Tube, with a CRI of 80+, which means that when you place a yellow-colored object under this light, it appears to be yellow. High CRI  enables them to display the true colors of any object and space to 80% of its extent, making it suitable for different applications.

Wide Beam Angle                    

Beam angle is a parameter to measure what is width of a produced light from the luminaire. The regular LEDs have 40-60 degree of beam angle, whereas these LED battens have beam angle of 120 degrees that helps in scattering light on the broader area.

Slim and Sleek Design                    

When seamless lighting is used for bathing colorful walls, they become even more intense. The LED Battens are most preferable for educational, retail and office sector as it provides traditional and slim design.  

Rugged Construction                    

Our LED Batten meets all Australian standards and tested under rugged environment. It exceeds all expectations as aluminum body is not only corrosion-resistant but also serves as a heat sink.  

UV and Mercury Free                    

This product does not contain any UV or IR in the light beam and hence not hazardous to human beings at all. LED Batten fixture does not have toxic chemicals like mercury or lead and hence safe for the environment.

Low Maintenance Cost                    

This is a long-lasting fixture that lasts for 50,000 hours and with a very slight declination of Lumen till the end of its life, So there is very minimal or could say that almost negligible maintenance cost is required.

Energy Saving                    

This product brings about 80% savings in energy, thus bringing you a reduced energy bill when you switch from any traditional light to Batten light.

Premium LED Chips                    

We ensure highest quality of our products by having premium LED chips. The chip is so embedded inside our LED Batten lighting fixture in such a way that highest operational efficiency is ensured.

Rebate/Incentive Approved                    

We have always been concerned about environment and energy consumption and all products we use are approved under VEU Incentive program of Victoria and ESS Incentive program of New South Wales.

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