LED Globes

LED globes use less power, last longer and produce light that is closer to daylight in color when compared to traditional quartz halogen/Incandescent globe options.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade Residential or Commercial space we have range of globes to suit your requirements for high lumen output in large areas. In addition, globes we use are approved to use under Energy Saving Scheme of New South Wales and Victorian Energy Upgrade.

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Base Type

Australian Standard  E27/B22



Color Temperature


Fixture Color





146 lm/W

Beam Angle

160 °


VEU approved , ESS approved,  NATA approved

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Product Features

Instant On                    

The LED Bulbs are straight lit up when switched on. The LED Bulbs need no warming up or cooling time due to their higher operational efficiency.

E27/B22 Base                    

The LED Globe comes with standard E27 and B22 base which are one of the most frequently used bases frequently known as the industry standard for all lighting fixtures. These globe represents a standard swap over installation.  

CRI >80                    

Our globes have a higher CRI, 80 + which means the globe provide for lighting in which the objects may look real up to the extent of 80% in comparison to an ideal or a natural light source

UV and Mercury Free                    

As the world has become more environmentally aware, people have become enamored of oil and environmentally friendly products. Installing LED Light bulbs not only saves energy and money but it also encourages a cleaner atmosphere because our LED Light bulbs are free of toxic chemicals like mercury, cadmium, and lead.

Flicker Free                    

Until the end of their lifetime, LED light bulbs provide flicker-free illumination. The bulbs we use have an excellent lifespan of >50,000 Hours.

No Dark Spot                    

The LED Globes we use are most up-to-date with solid state lighting technology built. These premium globes when installed in any location, can virtually remove all dark spots and ensure area is well lit up all times.

Energy Saving                    

Whether in the office or at home, an LED light globe beats the traditional globes in terms of energy-savings by replacing any existing lighting that could be halogen, incandescent, or a CFL. These bulbs work to your advantage in the long run by saving 90% in electricity consumption and thus you have a lower utility bill month after month and year after year.

Rebate/Incentive Approved                    

We have always been concerned about environment and energy consumption and all products we use are approved under VEU Incentive program of Victoria and ESS Incentive program of New South Wales.  

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