LED Car Park Light

Eco Origin is specialized in industrial LED Upgrades and our state of the art product portfolio provides right LED lighting solutions to underground car park and stairway of commercial buildings with LED car park lights. Our portfolio includes LED Canopy High Bays, LED Low Bays, LED Flood Lights and LED Weatherproof Batten light. Our range of products are suitable for all environments from indoor to outdoor.

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Beam Angle



18w / 25w

Color Temperature

5000 Kelvin (Tricolor available)

Fixture Color



2283 / 3181


125 lm/W / 133 lm/W

IP Rating

20 or 65


>60,000 Hours


Ideally fluorescent fitting

Power Factor


Approved  / Certifications


Product Gallery

Product Features

Smart Sensor                    

Our Carpark LED product portfolio comes with built in LED smart sensor which easily controls the gear with the help of remote. The remote switches the sensor on & off and adjusts hold time, stand by periods and stand by dimming levels. It comes with brilliant smart feature which detects absence and presence in environment and turn on only when detects a presence.  

Backed by NSW Government incentive                    

Under Energy Saving Scheme of NSW Government our past strata clients have received 70-75% cost reduction on upgrading car parking lights which includes weatherproof Battens, High-Bays and Floodlights. The ESS rebates are paying over 70-75% cost on upgrade.

Flicker Free Operation                    

Our weatherproof products provide flicker-free illumination till the end of their lifespan. With instant functionality, these lights lose very little energy during start-up ensuring durability.  

IP65 Rating                    

Our car park product portfolio comes with an IP65 certified light that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The lighting fixture is designed and tested to resist ingress of dust, dirt, or water making them dust and splash-proof. Hence, these LED lights are ideal to use in outdoor locations such as underground car park, stairways or outdoor lighting where there are chances of dust, dirt, and dampness.

Green, Eco-Friendly & Mercury-Free:                    

Environmental safety came to light as a vague trend that now has become a necessity. Good thing all lights and luminaries available at Eco Origin comply with environmental safety and can be categorized as Green Lights. These lights are completely hazard-proof and safe to use with no toxic chemicals like mercury and lead.

Longer Lifespan and Warranty                    

All lighting fixture is long-lasting because it uses premium-quality surface-mounted LED chips. The fixture is rated for 60,000 hours of operation, which means it will last for more than five years. Our state of the art carpark product portfolio comes with an excellent 3-5 years warranty.  

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